Create Your Personal Page

Why not add your name to the list of classmembers with pages?

You are allowed to create and edit pages if you become a member of this site. To join, please first go to the page for Joining This Site.

If you are already a site member, here's a step by step set of instructions for how you can add your name to the list of Classmates.

  • Keep this webpage open for reference. In a new window, open the Bluestreaks 1989 website.
  • In the blue colored left hand column, at the very bottom, under "Add a new page" insert your new page name (typically some reference to your own name) into the white box, and hit the button to create "new page."
  • Your new page will be created and the editing panel will automatically open up.
    • Change the Title of the page to your name in the small box in bold, which is the first item under the editing panel.
    • Then in the big white box, add your text and any syntax for special features that you want to include. For helpful hints, see the page on Editing. NOTE, if you are a Mac User, you might need some extra help.
    • For instructions on how to include photos, we have some documentation here, and additional comments are welcome.
    • If you want to use the same functions you see on other pages for your own page, then click on edit to read what happens inside the pallette - you can copy and paste into your new page and modify the text. Please be careful, though, to leave the work of others intact unless you are making corrections or appropriate updates.
    • Be sure to hit the "save" button at the bottom of the page or "cancel" to erase any changes made during your session.
  • Click "edit" at the bottom of the page to open the editing panel.
  • Inside the big white box you'll see a list of urls and names. At the bottom of the list, add yours like this: [ Firstname Lastname]
  • Click 'save' and check the page. You're done!

If you are having trouble, please don't worry, we'll get you online! Just moc.procazneipas|silos.aicirtap#em liame with the text and any photos, and I'll create it for you.

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