Derron Winfrey

Hey there! I hope you and your families are all doing well.

Here's a quick rundown of things over the past 20 years.

After leaving Neody I graduated from Coffeyville C.C. and then on to Wichita State where I completed my degree in Electronic Media. While at WSU I met my wife (Paula) she had three children at the time, so at 21 I was knee deep in kids and school functions, but loved every minute of it. Paula and the kids followed me around while my 8 year Television News career took us from Wichita to Tulsa and Tulsa to Oklahoma City. TV was great….but in 1999 my father was looking for some help with his new check processing company, and with the kids starting High School we were looking for some stability, so it was off to Springfield MO.

Things have gone even better than expected with our business (Electronic Check Services) We have grown a little from the 124 stores my father had picked up at the time. In 2005 I took over as President of the ECS and we now service more than 3-thousand locations in 30 states, processing more than 5 million transactions monthly. With our core company doing well, we've been able to broaden our horizons a bit. We now also own companies providing: Pre-Legal Collections, Prepaid Cellular Phone time, Credit Card Processing and have recently completed a private acquisition of a Point of Sale Software development and processing Platform Company. Being President and/or Managing Partner of all of these operations keeps me very busy but I still make time for fun.

During this time of year, my father and I like to take in football games in the Little Apple (K-State) we're season ticket holders there for the past 6 or 7 seasons. Also Paula and I like to travel (she loves to shop), but usually it surrounds a little business with the pleasure.

All things considered…we're all doing well. The "kids" are now 22 Katrina, 21 Chelsie, and 20 Paul.
Chelsie and Paul each work inside a couple of our companies, Katrina is making her own way and doing well. Life is busy but we try to make a point to at least go out to dinner together once a week.

Take care and maybe we'll all get to visit at our 20th….WOW!

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