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Now at Swimming Pool Park

1:00 pm Class of 1989 Family fun in the Swimming Pool Park
6:30 Party the New Beginnings building on Tank….Please bring snacks to share…..BYOB

UPDATED LOCATION by patriciasolispatriciasolis, 02 Jun 2009 10:48

Sorry for the long delay in any news. I've been looking for a venue and according to the poll, people want a summer date. Turns out there are some other Alumni things going on always the second week in June, so unless something better materializes, let's meet that weekend! This way, we may also run into other friends from other classes and have more activities going on in Neody.

Post - what do you think?

Thanks, Matt for sending the photos of the Band trip to Worlds of Fun.

Band Geeks! by patriciasolispatriciasolis, 15 Nov 2007 15:55

Querido Jeff,
Entonces de verdad tú quieres aprender español? Te puedo ayudar en esto. Disculpa que añade un modulo de comentarios pero parece mas divertido poder interactuar por línea, ¿no crees?
Y ¿cuando vas a postar las fotos para ver su hermosa familia?
Un abrazo,

Spanish, huh? by patriciasolispatriciasolis, 18 Oct 2007 17:33

What a small world. If you ever get that account again, let me know!

Re: Panama by patriciasolispatriciasolis, 18 Oct 2007 17:24

Funny enough, my company used to have a contract w/Cable & Wireless in Panama. We handled the exports of Nokia Cell phones to C&W and I would travel there once per quarter to follow up on the project. This was was from 1999-2001. Unfortunately, we no longer handle this business….Otherwise, I'd look you up !!!

What a great looking family you have ! Congratulations !

Take care,

Panama by jeffhudsonjeffhudson, 13 Oct 2007 15:17

Thanks Bonnie for these! More! more!

If so, upload them here under 'files' and let me know or email them to me and I'll post them here. Be sure to send along a caption, too!

I remember that in Elementary school, I loved Shawn's Birthday because his mom always brought some kind of Dairy Queen drink that we used these huge straws to drink. They were so good, that I have kept a memory all of these years.

by bonzi1989bonzi1989, 04 Sep 2007 11:43

Another way to share pics is to upload your file to the page you want it shown by clicking on "files" at the bottom. Upload your file(s) but please be considerate of bandwidth - this site is free but I only have a limited space so try to keep it under about 200 KB filesize. Then click on edit, and anywhere on your page insert this syntax, substituting the right names, of course:

[[ image /pagename/imagefilename.jpg]]

NOTE: leave out the space marks after the [[ to make it work - it wouldn't show up here unless I rigged it slightly off.

To see it in action, check out Tony's page.

Here's the direct spot to find what syntax to use for inserting and manipulating images:

Here's a good place to go for how to insert or edit text (even though the pallette makes it pretty easy):

All about Wiki Syntax by patriciasolispatriciasolis, 21 Aug 2007 00:15

I recall one cold day, VERY early in the morning, must have been about 6 am, when we lived on 7th street near the high school, Jen and I were woken up to these yelps and screams of joy outside in our yard!
It was Bonnie who came over before school to convince us to build a snowman — it had started snowing overnight and there was just a powder on the ground, but it was the first real snow our girl from the south had ever seen!
Needless to say, I think we only scrounged up a meager mini-snowball that morning, but by afternoon we were certainly on our way to a real snowman… .
or at least that's how I remember it!

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