Holly Stover Johnson

Hi everyone. I was excited to learn that Patricia started this page. How fun to catch up electronically.

The story of my life over the last 18 years has been "moving". I finished college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and then moved to Austin, MN as the Assistant Manager of a country club. The funny thing is that I live in Austin, MN again, but this time it is because of my husband's job. We met in Minneapolis, after I had left the hospitality industry due to ugly hours, while we were both working for Hormel Foods. I transferred to Atlanta for a bit, but then chose to return to Minneapolis so Mike and I could continue our relationship. We married in South Dakota, his home state, in 1998 then promptly moved to Kansas City with Hormel (I had left Hormel at this point). We had our first son, Sam, there, and then moved to Charlotte, NC where we had Eli and stayed for 6 years. In Feb. of this year we moved back to Austin, MN, where Hormel's headquarters are located. Since we moved to Charlotte, I haven't worked full time, just little jobs here and there. Sam will be in 1st grade and Eli is starting kindergarten. Most of my time is spent taking care of the kids and household duties, but I do enjoy golfing and cooking whenever possible.

I look forward to getting to know everyone again and to seeing you in good ol' Neody in a couple years.

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