Jen "JenBen" Sharp

Alot has changed since high school. And some things have stayed the same. I'm still a dork, still hang out with Rachelle whenever we can, and still read the dictionary for new words, only I look them up online now. Yes, to dispel all rumors, I married Jim Sharp. (What was I thinking!?) No, nothing was going on in high school. I met up with him at K-State in 1992.
We had two kids:
Janelle born 1998 and John born 2002.

I divorced Jim in 2004, now live in Ottawa, Kansas. I have been lucky to be able to stay at home with my kids since they were born and work from home, running my web programming company:

My kids are such a joy and inspiration: Janelle is sweet & kind but a touch ornery… great sense of humor. Although she is one step from a junior black belt in TaeKwonDo, she's afraid of spiders. She thinks she can make anything with paper and some scotch tape, loves to read, make home-made science experiments, and plays practical jokes (on mom, too). John is a maniac and very smart. He's had stitches twice already and I'm sure we're in for more ER trips. John will not only tell you stories, he will act them out for you. He loves to draw cars and planes of course, and despite some spills loves riding his mini bike. He also does TaeKwonDo and is in Cub Scouts. Oh, and we have a cat named Peppermint Stripey who tolerates our loud guitar playing, the pounding on the piano, the running & yelling in the house. He retaliates by bringing "presents" like cicadas and a snake into the house.

Other than that, despite my very brief stint as a band director for 3 years in Rossville, I still like teaching and currently teach a few drum lessons at Ottawa Music. On weekends, I jump out of perfectly good airplanes. I made my first jump a few months after graduation and now have 2,300 jumps. I own an airplane but can't fly it. I own and operate this dropzone:

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