Tony Pendleton

Hi How is everbody it has been a long time. I currently live in Fredonia ( I know I never thought I would live in Fredonia but it is funny what a person will do for a woman) Loretta and I divorced in 2003. I have remarried her name is Kim she was born and raised in Detroit, MI. When we got married she had 5 kids and I had 3 and since we have been together we have had 2 of our own which brings the grand total to 10 ranging from my oldest which is 17 and the youngest which is 9 months.

We have Anakin 9 months
Sawyer 3
Gatlin 6
Jaiden 7
Melanie 9
Klowie 11
Tyler 15
O'niesha 15
Justin 16
Dalton 17

I am a Sgt at the Wilson County Correctional Facility. That is where I met my wife she was my Lt. I have to put up with about 100 inmates so 10 kids at home is not that bad.

I cant believe I have a son that is a Senior this year it makes me feel old. But even though I live in Fredonia I still am a Bluestreak. Well that is it for now I sure am glad about this site.

Talk to ya later !

you can email me at moc.liamqrabme|noteldnepkt#moc.liamqrabme|noteldnepkt


Anakin,Sawyer,Gatlin,O'Niesha and Dalton


Dalton Senior "08"


Dalton Senior football 6' 205 pound defensive end (Go Bluestreaks)


O'Niesha sophomore dance team


Gatlin kindergarden


Anakin 10 months and Sawyer 3 years are my youngest


Me and Kims engagement photo


Daltons junior prom ( the girl is Bob and Joy Dierks daughter)


Our little Family


my mom and her Grandaughters


Me & Mufasa


Me and Kim on our honeymoon at Johnson City,TN the Appalachian Mountains are behind us but it was just too foggy in this picture

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